Page rank is invented by one of the founders of Google, larry page of an algorithm, as a method of quality of a web site said. Algorithm detailed you can be in Ann Smarty daily SEO skills and Eric Gesinski references on reading. Ann and Eric algorithm was described and the complete and explains how it works.

Page rank it as a “democratic vote”, for example, if I have a high quality website, I link to your site, Google will think my website link of your website is a high quality website, so as to transfer the weight on the link. “Vote” the more people to your web site, the higher the rank your site. You can check through relevant procedures easily check your page rank.

The following is seven little suggestion about improving the website ranking (method) :

1. From your competitors to find high quality links to link to your site. Can check through the corresponding procedures, check your competitors’ external links, look at the link of high quality is worth it, in order to add to your site. Remember to link to your site link quality is even more important than quantity.

2. Through the blog site. Blog is a good way to link to your site by poison the relevant keywords. A blog once postings of come out, be sure to put it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or on any social channels, because they are the best for your site provides the external links. Also spent time in other relevant blogs and post meaningful comment link to your web site or related sites page.

3. Submit various directories, including industry-specific directory for you. Make sure you can find the most relevant sites and then to submit to the topic.

4. Use link bait to attract people into your website. Link bait can include a debate or a controversial issue, important news, provide some incentive type activities.

5. Press release with keywords and phrases to connect to your web site or articles. Although is just a news, a message, but they will provide permanent links, thereby helping to improve page rank.

6. Use of social media! Looks very logical to me, use a variety of platforms, can greatly improve your website’s visibility.

7. The appropriate comments.

At 7 o ‘clock if you can do the above, then I believe you can very quickly to promote your website ranking.