wordpress offers a “modified automatically save” function, automatically stored in the database each time you modify articles, so if you are not careful to modify mistake can return to modify the previous version.

This is a useful feature in certain situations. For example, if you accidentally delete a post, you can revert to the previous version. Also, if you have multiple users at the same time operating on the web site of this article, if the content of the article and what you want to change different this time so you can use this feature, the modified by other users back to when you are editing form, it is very to this function. In other words, if you’re the only one Posting on your blog, you’ll find that when you edit your posts you’ll never use this fix. If so, I suggest you turn it off because doing so will reduce the number of articles backed up in your database.

If you want to disable automatic save function, only need to modify your wp – config. PHP configuration file (best backup before change, in case of uncontrollable condition), (add some code:

Define (‘ WP_POST_REVISIONS, false);

Another is to modify the default wordpress certain interval will automatically save your article to be published, the default value is 60 seconds (i.e., wordpress will automatically save backup your articles in a minute), and this time, if you think too fast, you can modify the 180 seconds (3 minutes), just add the following code:

Define (‘ AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL, 180);

Finally, you can delete all saved posts from the database, but I don’t recommend this unless you are familiar with MySQL. You can do the same with some database cleanup plugins.