Well-known, the company is amalgamative in the culture difference between partnership company, it is one of amalgamative failure reasons that exist the most generally. This kind of failure may occur in the negotiation phase of amalgamative initial stage, perhaps happen in the integrated phase of amalgamative later period.

Normally, this term uses ” of “ company culture to describe the interest of individual of company goal, employee and behavior to wait. The problem such as cooperation of a lot of such as and group by accusing at company culture. Nevertheless, incorporate in the enterprise in, the action since place of “ culture ” , far more than the employee that lets come from different company works smoothly together. Build a kind new, the key that the company culture that share is amalgamative success.

The definition of company culture

Company culture deeply take root is in the behavior of enterprise interior and employee. The company image that publicizes on the book of it and company introduction and website is distinct. Accordingly, want from exterior the culture that will limit a company is special difficulty. Incorporating especially the negotiation phase of early days, mix between at that time confidential become crucial factor and when mutual trust still needs to build, try to judge whether each other company culture suits each other, become a very thorny issue.

Company culture can be generalized with a word, that is “ the means ” that we work here. Will tell to the enterprise, without correct company culture, fit specific company condition only many somes of a few less perhaps company culture. In practice, there can be a variety of cultures at the same time in an enterprise. This kind of circumstance happens in the company of large, become divided more, a few branches establish the pattern that themselves works.

According to studying a result, share the company culture difference of 3 kinds of types:

The difference that crosses a state (special consist in is different of state enterprise in incorporating)
Cross constituent difference
Cross functional difference

In real life, we can discover the problem that company culture photograph gets used to in following domain:

Constituent viewpoint of value
Manage a culture and leadership style
Enterprise fokelore and bygone are slash
The regulations of the enterprise and habit
Of culture indicative

When producing following case, the problem of company culture can cause the disorder that expect is less than:

The difference on acknowledge
Emphasize and evaluate difference
Imitate each other
Blame each other
Those who be culture is regnant and conflict

Company culture is adding up to the importance in hand-in-hand Cheng

According to the research result of ATKerney, in a lot of amalgamative processes, often do not pass any evaluate, after all culture of which kinds of company suits more new the organization that hold water, stronger investment just forces his culture to the one party of weak force. This kind of method falls in certain circumstance, what may bring about quick, success is amalgamative with conformity. But, below additionally a few circumstances, the most value that this kind of method can damage expectation is obtained from inside incorporate. Differ when cooperative both sides especially when surprise is very big, cross meticulous assessment with respect to need classics, after all culture of which kinds of company suits both sides more.

Why is company culture so important? The reason is the element that company culture decided outstanding achievement of following influence company:

The enterprise handles the method of the problem
Stuff is right metabolic manner

Between employee the means of interaction
Enterprise and with the person related company profit / between the branch the means of interaction
Employee is spent to the faithfulness of company strategy

Apple-pie conformity (in actual life is very scarce) will build a kind to originate the new company culture of cooperative both sides. Ideal, new company culture must include the first-rate in culture of company of cooperative both sides to constitute an element. But, reality often is different, we will distinguish different culture conformity kind.

Culture diversity and culture confluence do not see more in most case, below most circumstance, the boycott of culture is when beginning, it is the embezzlement of culture subsequently.

Incorporate in the enterprise in, the problem that encounters is, come from at different company (culture) employee is worked together by expectation, discuss together and solve complex strategical the task with operation sex. The new company culture that wants to did not get a kind employee is approbated forces a company is special difficulty. Employee is analysed to be spent to the acknowledge of appeal of different company culture below, affect to what the integrated process place of whole industry arises:

The analysis of company culture

The analysis of company culture is to use the tool that decide and overcomes difference of culture of cooperative both sides. What a concrete analysis shows bilateral employee is identical with differentia. Such, with respect to the result that can pass an analysis, will improve communicate and mutual the association means between.

Through comparing both sides to be opposite the cognitive case of feature of different company culture undertakes this analysis. The cognitive diverse list to feature of specific company culture understands potential conflict.

Another important step is the base that builds culture of a new company. The name of new company can produce crucial effect in this process. Because new company name is amalgamative place,one kind of brought change symbolizes, it announced normally the size of the contribution that cooperative both sides makes to new company place.

Additional, coordinate and communicate the element of culture of other influence company, for example: Reward system and performance system. Also be very those who be necessary. Want the company culture with integrated original both sides, must notice to let bilateral company get fairness is treated, without deflection any one party. Appear to avoid to will come “ our Vs. The appellation of their ” , we suggest to establish a culture that comprises by bilateral company staff to build a group. Additional, practice experience makes clear, the employee of at least 25% must be allocated go in new other perhaps groups, only such, everybody just can realize inevitable change is occurrent in.

Other the method that can avoid company culture problem is:

Company publication and hot line
To amalgamative progress, turning point and result accord with a fact forecast
The analysis of investigation, questionnaire and feedback
Integrated group
Of new group build
Evaluate between group interior and group each other

Anyhow, the criterion that the company’s amalgamative culture builds is:

Force a kind of culture that does not need is not a way that settle. The company culture that should build a conformity is more difficult, but, from long-term in light of, it can obtain much better result.

“ incorporates and of company culture ” check watch

Formulate the strategy of culture conformity in amalgamative initial stage. Whether does the decision want to preserve the culture of any original one party, still be willing to build a kind of integrated culture more.

Analyse and describe existing culture. Compare the dot of similarities and differences of bilateral culture, such, can distinguish problem of difference of a culture obstacle that in communicating, happens, culture, etc.

The part that the culture with new judgement acts in incorporate. Why to need a kind of specific culture certainly, and what to get from admiral of this kind of culture.

“ bridge ” is built between both sides. For promotional and mutual the understanding between, mutual cooperation is first-rate means.

Build a basic system for new culture, include: Reward and approve a system.

Want to have patience. People need time will accept new company culture this fact.