Domestic endowment enterprise incorporates in the law that must accord with our country to use foreign capital, code sets and industrial policy asks and have the following requirement:

(One) those who plan to incorporate is medium domestic endowment enterprise is according to ” company law of People’s Republic of China ” the finite liability company that the standard establishs or Inc. ;

(2) investor be good law, code and sectional regulations are right the investor qualification that place of the company after incorporating is engaged in concerning an industry asks;

(3) the 25% ; that the equity scale of foreign investor must not register capital under the company after incorporating

(4) the original worker that amalgamative agreement just assures to draft amalgamative company each is sufficient obtain employment or give reasonable find a place for.

The company is absorbed amalgamative, by admit square company to serve as an applicant, the company is set newly amalgamative, by amalgamative each just talk things over decide an applicant.

The applicant should send following document to newspaper of the mechanism that register:

(One) the registering application form that fair judicatory signs on behalf of the person surely (absorb amalgamative subscription to change the application form that register, set amalgamative subscription newly to create the application form that register) ;

(2) the approval file that examines and approve mechanism (the company that plans to incorporate has to be share to should be examined and approve of finite liability company via ministry of collaboration of foreign trade economy at least, involve what the joint-stock company that appear on the market incorporates to still should supervise management department to approve via negotiable securities of the State Council) ;

(3) amalgamative agreement of the incorporates about the company requisition that each company legal representative signs and company (company amalgamative agreement should include the following and main content: The investment amount of the company after; of the name of the company after; of each square name, abode, legal representative is amalgamative, abode, legal representative incorporates mixes amalgamative agreement register capital; amalgamative agreement of amalgamative form; the plan of be adopted as heir to one’s uncle of each square creditor’s rights, debt; worker finds a place for method;

(4) the resolution; that orgnaization of each company supreme power incorporates about the company

(5) ; of each company contract, constitution

(6) the approval letter of each company and; of business charter photocopy

(7) the check that decides check endowment orgnaization to be issued for each company by Chinese law endowment report;

(8) the balance sheet of each company and company of; of belongings detailed list publish 3 times on newspaper the demonstrative; that the proof; company that company amalgamative declared proves to; company informs his of creditor concerns creditor’s rights, debt to handle a case with respect to its

(9) the audit report; of on each company one year

(10) the creditor list; of each company

(11) ; of the company contract after incorporating, constitution

(12) the; of list of member of orgnaization of company supreme power after incorporating

(13) the other file that the mechanism that register asks the newspaper sends.