The company’s amalgamative notional   company incorporates is point to two or the company of two above concludes amalgamative agreement, according to fair judicatory sets, do not pass liquidation program, straight joint is the legal action of a company. A company absorbs the company’s amalgamative means   other company incorporates to absorb, the company that is drawn is disbanded. Two above company is amalgamative establish a new company to incorporate to be set newly, amalgamative each just are disbanded. The company is amalgamative buy with what be different from company assets. Look from legal nature, the amalgamative; that the company’s amalgamative essence is company moral quality and the property that asset buys is capital business conduct, do not affect the moral quality of the company. The company is amalgamative also buy unlike company equity. The amalgamative; that the company incorporates is company moral quality essentially and the business conduct that the essence that equity buys is equity, do not affect the moral quality of the company. By nature, equity is bought and asset is bought is business conduct, company of and rather than’s amalgamative essence – of company moral quality amalgamative. Amalgamative contract ought to be bilateral and true meaning expresses, its specific subscriber is the legal representative of the company commonly. The clause of the contract also must agree clear, incorporate especially square fund condition, the total assets that debit be suctioned needs to announce his and debt situation close to just fix amalgamative price with making suck, suck debit to be able to pass the method such as guarantor of formulary responsibility of breach of contract, agreement to protect his interest. Because the company is amalgamative,involve the increase of the many sided such as company shareholder, creditor and laborer, because this ought to is opposite,the general affairs after the company is amalgamative is arranged somewhat. Set newly for example amalgamative, how ought to install to the board of directors, how does equity allocate, how does original work staff find a place for arrange somewhat etc. The company is amalgamative must inform creditor. The company is amalgamative cause company assets and indebted change necessarily, must inform creditor so. The company is amalgamative still must deal with relevant amalgamative formalities, set amalgamative reconstitute company newly namely, absorb amalgamative dismiss a firm.   of the company’s amalgamative legal effect   1, the company eliminates   to refer in particular to company be absorptioned to eliminate here. The full right as a result of the company that liquidate and obligation already by absorb a company to generalize bear, so, its disband with average company disband different, beardless course clears an order, character of company legal person is eliminated directly. 2, the modificatory     of the company 3, of the right and obligation wraparound bear